Mentoring Program


The chapter is in the process of establishing an “informal” mentoring program for our local APICS Triangle Chapter members for career, training, and development guidance.  The chapter's program should be up and running by summer 2020 and will supplement the Mentoring Center program provided by APICS worldwide via a web-based approach.  


One of the mentors in the APICS Mentoring program is one of our Board Officers, an APICS Fellow and Master Instructors - Jeffrey McDaniels.  He has been an APICS mentor since October 2018 and is available to you as needed via the APICS Mentoring Center site.  There are also hundreds of other approved APICS mentors in the APICS Mentoring Center for your consideration.




APICS launched an online mentorship program to help students and young professionals connect with more experienced individuals for mentorship and career guidance. The APICS Mentor Center is a web-based tool open to ASCM Members. Individuals at all career stages are encouraged to participate and can act as both mentors and mentees concurrently if desired.


The APICS Mentor Center provides a database of mentor and mentee profiles, which mentees may search based on a variety of criteria, including geographic location, employer, and areas of expertise, to find a mentor. The database aims to facilitate initial contact between potential mentors and mentees, enabling them to then establish the unique professional relationship that suits both people’s needs.


The APICS Mentor Center guides mentors and mentees on the path to a successful mentoring relationship in a variety of ways. When completing their registrations and profiles, mentors and mentees are asked about their areas of interest and the amount of time per month they are able to commit. Confirming that these criteria are in alignment is the first step to ensuring a positive experience. The mentor center also provides a goal-planning worksheet to make the first meeting between mentor and mentee as easy and productive as possible.


In a successful mentoring relationship, the benefits flow both ways. Participating in the APICS mentorship program gives mentors the opportunity to make a significant, meaningful difference in another person’s career and life. Helping to shape the next generation of industry leaders can be a rewarding and memorable part of the mentor’s own career. For mentees, the program is an outstanding opportunity to learn, network, ask questions, and share knowledge as they begin or advance their careers. 


Visit to learn more about the benefits of the APICS mentorship program.


To sign up to be a mentor or mentee through the APICS Mentor Center, visit